Strategic Management

The Office of Strategic Management was created to support continuous improvement processes and assist inter-agency cooperation to strategically align agency goals and objectives with limited resources. The Office assists state agencies to manage inter-agency projects that will improve overall state operations and accountability.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The Office of Strategic Management is providing ongoing support to state agencies to develop and implement their state's strategic planning efforts. Strategic plans allow state agencies to focus on their mission and vision statements, identify specific and quantifiable goals, determine the strategies and objectives to reach the agency's goals, and develop the action plans to implement those strategies. Clear timelines and responsibilities will assist state agencies to put their plans into action and measure progress towards achieving their goals. This tool will be reviewed annually to allow for course corrections and will be tied to performance measures to monitor its implementation.

The Office will provide ongoing support for agencies as strategic plans are developed. Agency strategic goals will also highlight opportunities for interagency collaboration. This work will help improve accountability and transparency and make government more efficient.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

The Office of Strategic Planning facilitates continuous improvement throughout state government. The Office identifies programs and services that may benefit from Lean or other continuous process improvement activities to reduce waste and increase agency efficiency.

The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) recently implemented a Lean Government Initiative to streamline business processes and improve customer service. Lean process management is based on the Japanese method of "Kaizen," or continuous improvement, and is aimed at eliminating waste and backlogs while streamlining the use of staff time and resources. Based on the success of this work, the Office is expanding DEM's initiative to improve processes and efficiencies in other state agencies.

In partnership with the Division of Purchases, several Lean process improvement consultants are now available to state agencies through a Master Price Agreement. In addition, the Office is providing support to several divisions within the Department of Administration to begin the Lean process.

Lean Leadership Summit

On Friday, October 23, Governor Raimondo convened business and state agency leaders for the Lean Leadership Summit to review progress on her initiative to foster innovation and promote a culture of continuous improvement in state government.  Five agencies presented their results in applying Lean principles to sharpen their business practices and improve customer service

Lean Presentations

The Lean Mentorship Program was also kicked off at the Summit; this program pairs business leaders on the leading edge of service delivery with Cabinet directors to assist them in adopting systems and processes that make it easier to do business in the state.


Project Management

Project Management

The Office of Strategic Planning provides management and consulting services for interagency initiatives. The interagency coordination work of the Office helps keep special projects on task amid daily duties and helps further collaboration among agencies.

Joint projects across disciplines can be difficult and time consuming to manage. The Office helps develop clear work plans with schedules, assigned responsibilities, and measurable outcomes to ensure progress on cross-agency projects. Projects include providing management tools to help agencies review overtime data and analyzing administrative hearing processes across state agencies to increase government efficiency.


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