The Fraud Hotline

The Fraud Hotline – how it works, and what you can do to help identify fraud, waste, and abuse.

Staff List

Name Position Email Address Telephone #
Dorothy Z. Pascale, CPA, CFF Chief 401-574-8167
Michael Sprague, CIA, MBA Deputy Chief 401-574-8174
Tara Mello, CPA, CIA, MSA, MBA Deputy Chief 401-574-8177
Performance Auditing
Name Position Email Address Telephone #
Laurie Ellison, CPA Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8166
Jonathan Jillah Internal Auditor 401-574-8234
Walter Moore, CPA, CFE, CGFM Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8224
Jennifer Robinson, MSA Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8216
Brandon Ruest, CPA, MSA Internal Audit Manager 401-574-8145
Shaemus Shepard Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8172
Reina Stevens Internal Auditor 401-574-8168
Continuous Auditing
Name Position Email Address Telephone #
Jonathon Aubin Internal Auditor 401-574-8235
Nancy Cranham Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8417
Kailee Levesque, CPA, CIA, MSA Internal Audit Manager 401-574-9322
Cynthia Maria Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8419
Xiomara Soto Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8173
Fraud Detection and Prevention
Name Position Email Address Telephone #
Brittny Badway Internal Auditor 401-574-8171
Melissa Carrasco Internal Auditor 401-574-8213
Nicholas Fanuele, MPPA Internal Auditor 401-574-8212
William Javanainen Data Analyst III 401-574-8418
Jorel Johnson Internal Auditor 401-574-9171
Justin Leung Data Analyst I 401-574-8222
Julie Nuth Internal Auditor 401-574-8219
Brianna Ruggiero Senior Internal Auditor 401-574-8238
Kimberly Seebeck, CFE Fraud Detection & Prevention Manager 401-574-8223
Grants Management
Name Position Email Address Telephone #
Laurie Petrone Grants Manager 401-574-8423
Steve Thompson Interdepartmental Project Manager 401-574-8227